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Children of the empire 2/

Title : Children of the empire 2/
Kyuhyun x ? , Hankyung x Siwon , PAST! Heechul x Hankyung
Rating : R / NC-17 ?
Gente : idk ?
Summary : A war of love , memories and honour just begun...

Hankyung and the king are resting in the room
The king sleeps because he,s really tired, while Hankyung still wakes up and wonders. He looks at the king that stilll sleeps, he opens his memory about his 17 years ago realtionship with a 'very beautiful' fighter named Kim Heechul....


* * * * * * * * * *
17 years ago...
Hankyung was having his tea time with the king. The tea he drank that afternoon tastes more delicious than usual.
"How's your day?" Hankyung asked him and he answers with a big smile.
"Great, how's yours ?"
"Can't complain"
Suddenly, Heechul appeared. His face looked really hasty.
"Sir, the bandits strike our fortress!"
"How's the situation?" the king asked.
"Already hanled. But there are a lot of victims."
"Okay, just let me handle this. Too many business that you've done today. He's too tired." Hankyung replied Heechul wish's to help because to be honest , he's kinda wondering about what's his wish.
"Thank you, dear." the king thanked Hakyung and Hakyung answered with a big smile.
After they're far enough from the king. Hankyung can handle his anxiousity.
"You're not serious about this, aren't you?"
"Of course not, how could I get some time alone with you when the king is cuddling with you?"
"Oh, come on! Don't be such a paranoid! Now, he thinks that we're in the fortress, taking care of those silly victims."
"Alright. Now waht do you want from me?"
"How rude.."
"I don't mean to be rude."
"Just kidding!"
They entered Heechul's room. Hankyung always liked this room. A wide room with a view of large garden. Love it so much. But most of all, Hankyung love being here because of being together with the fighter standing here with him. Then, when they entered the room, Hankyung heartbeat can heared so well. Heechul started to tease him, and layed upon the bed. He unzipped the trousers and smiled to Hankyung. Hankyung walked through him, get closer and started to kiss Heechul's neck, Heechul moaned, his hand hold Hankyung's neck. Then, Heechul's right hand started to touch Hankyung's zip trousers.
"Don't you dare...."
"Like it not... I'm going in"
Heechul opened Hankyung's zip trousers and then Hankyung said,
"Heechul! Don't!" He gets Heechul's hand away from his zip. The Heechul kiss Hankyung's forehead, then his lips get lower and lower. .  Hankyung moaned. Heechul's hands touches Hankyung's back. His smooth fingers touches Hankyung's back. He pulls Hankyung's robe. Hankyung moaned again because he can feel Heechul's smooth fingers at his body. Heechul opens Hankyung's robe and he kiss Hankyung's neck with his hands opening Hankyung's trousers. They looked each other for a moment and Heechul pulls Hankyung to the bed. Hankyung pushes Heechul's body away. Heechul looks a little upset but Hankyung suddenly sadi,
"It's not fair." he opens Heechul's zip trouseres with his  tongue licking Heechul's neck. Heechul moaned and his right hand mess Hankyung's hair while the other hand touches Hankyung's back, down to his ass. They fall to the ved and Heechul touches Hankyung's nipple. He can feel Hankyung's nipple hardening and he licks it. Hankyung moaned, cannot resist Heechul's soft kisses. Heechul stops licking Hankyung's nipple and looks at Hankyung's eyes.
"Don't stop.." Henkyung whispers.
Then  Heechul licks the other nipple and Hankyung kisses Heechul shoulder, then he whispers again.
"Heechul... do you love me ?"
Heechul get crazier and kisses Hankyung's body part his lips can reach.
"Oh yeah...
Then they hear the king's voice in the corridor.
"Hankyung ?"
Hankyung gets shocked. The atmosphere gets colder and he gets up quickly.
"Heechul , stop !" he asks Heechul to stop'
"No.." Heechul refuses. "Why?" Heechul continues licking Hankung's body.
"I said stop!"
"I see , so it is the king , is it ?"
"Please understand. I have to go" Hankyung begs Heechul and wears his robe.
"Tsk. Yeah, right."
"You're not mad. Are'nt you?"
"Nah, just kind of disappointed."
"Next time , I promise..." and Hankyung gets out the room.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

"Heechul! Heechul!" Hankyung runs toward Heechul. Heechul looks at him curiously.
"What's with you?"
"I'm pregnant !"
Heechul looks at Hankyung coldly ,
"Hmphh.. congrats..?"
"It's not him ! It's yours !"
"What ? How could?"
"The king never did it to me since last month ago, so it must be yours.."
Heechul looks very happy and said,
"Did you tell the king?"
"Of course not ! Do you want to both of us die ?"
"Err... no ?"

9 months later....
When the king left to take care of somewhat business, Hankyung and Heechul went to a doctor t=far from the country and there , Hankyung gave a birth to a baby boy and they named the baby Kyuhyun.
"He has your eyes.." Hankyung looked at Heechul.
"Hope he will not become a stubborn and a paranoid as you are.." Heechul replied.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Hankyung still wanders in his past memory, wonders about where would Heechul and Kyuhyn be until a cold hand touches his shoulder.
"What is it ? You're so... pale..." said the king with a pair of lazy eyes.
"No.. Nothing.."

so , the 2nd chapter is done !
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Thaanks for reading and commenting XDDDD

Children of the Empire 1/

Title : Children of the Empire 1/
Pairing(s) : Kyuhyun/? , Hankyung/Siwon , PAST! Heechul/Hankyung
Genre : Mystery , Action (?)
Rating : PG-13 ?
Summary : A war of love , memories and honour just begun...
a/n : Hello ! This is me , baby-kyu
but , my friends and i decided to make a new lj together , so this is our new lj .
anyway , enjoy !


Another red sunrises . The king realizes that blood has been spilled last night . Suddenly, 2 guards knock his door .
Knock. Knock.
"Come in."
"Sire , the castle keyguard have been assassinated."
"*sigh* How many victims ?"
"10, sire."
"How many survived ?"
"2, sir."
"Where are they now ?"
"In the rehabilitation center, sir."
"Hell with that ! What about the key ?" Hankyung suddenly appears .
"The key is gone , Your Highness ."
"What are you doing the whole day ? That stupid assassin can pass through this castle's defense ? How embarassing..."
"Whatever happened , happen ! We can look for the key and make a new key . We can't do that to human soul." the king replies
"Tsk.. You're always like that..."


Hankyung kicks the door.
"Where is the general ?"
"Yes , Your.. M.. Majesty ?" the general approaches nervously
Hankyung grabs the general's neck.
"Have you found the key ?"
"I.. It's gone , Your Majesty . We've looked everywhere , but..."
Hankyung throws the general . The general's body hit the wall.
"That's enough !" The king appears at the door.
"But he..." Hankyung can't accept the king's order.
The king hold Hankyung's arm.
"There are lots of victims caused by this tragedy . Don't make this problem becomes more complicated."
"Tsk.. Whatever !" Hankyung gets his arm away and leaves the room .
The king looks around.
"Never mind that , he's always like that when his mad..."


"You don't need to be so emotional." The king said calmly.
"Emotional ? How couldn't I ? How could the whole castl sleep well if they know that the key is in the assassin's hand ? He can strike any of us anytime !"
"I've told the guard to make thenew one . There's nothing to worry about except the wounded victims."
"But he can still be able to strike us !"
"But don't you ever think ? Cerberus is laughing happily at us out there to see us fighting each other and worry about the blood tragedy he's done !"
"I'm just worrying your safety . I.. I don't want to lose you ."
Hankyung fell into the king's hug . The king hugs him gently .
"I know . But , can you control your emotion ?"
"I'll try to ."
"That's my Kyungie ."
"Aww , will I get a present ?"
"Mention where ?"
"What do you think ?"
The king kissed Hankyung lip's gently .
"Only one ?: The king asked
"Of course not , silly . Whole years we've been together , you're always my little Siwon ."
They fell to the bes...


Meanwhile in Cerberus place....
Heechul arrives with a mad face.
Cerberus giggles , " What's with you ?"
"I'm the one who should've ask that to you ."
"Just forget it !"
"Dont be a bighead Kyuhyun ! Without me , you are nothing in this world !"
"I'm not a fucking Kyuhyun ! Kyuhyun is dead ! And you know that !"
"Whatever , but i know , in your heart you always be a little Kyuhyun."
And with that , Heechul leaves a room .
"Oh yeah ! I get that !" Heechul whispering to himself....